Lonely Universe

What is it like at the end of the Universe? Experiencing with the path along the orbits and finding peace inside oneself. I want the game to reflect on social distancing during Covid pandemic. With Unity3D, C4D, and programming, I will create a parkour game with thoughtful layouts and appealing visual. Inspirations/References Timeline Week 2:  Research on planetary motions and decide what kind of game for the project Week 3:  Start game development from programming the movement, with Unity.  Website building from scratches. Week 4:  Explore camera movement, collision and other intersections.  Use 3D modeling for small objects in the

Airplane View

交互式投影作品,表达现代社会电子通讯的自发性和即时性已经严重影响了人们的生活,通过交互式让参与者体验到这种挥之不去的信息爆炸带来的困扰。 … Continue reading…Airplane View

The Box--Experimental Film实验电影

The Box

以实验性微电影的形式,表达现代社会人们对于真实想法的表达是隐晦的,我们不评论这些行为的好坏,但鼓励每个人勇于发掘内心美好的愿望和打破自己的精神舒适圈。 … Continue reading…The Box

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