Lonely Universe

What is it like at the end of the Universe? Experiencing with the path along the orbits and finding peace inside oneself.

I want the game to reflect on social distancing during Covid pandemic. With Unity3D, C4D, and programming, I will create a parkour game with thoughtful layouts and appealing visual.


Universe Sandbox

a physics-based space simulator http://universesandbox.com/


Week 2: 

  • Research on planetary motions and decide what kind of game for the project

Week 3: 

  • Start game development from programming the movement, with Unity. 
  • Website building from scratches.

Week 4: 

  • Explore camera movement, collision and other intersections. 
  • Use 3D modeling for small objects in the game.

Week 5: Midterm Presentation.

  • Demo Unity code for object movements. 
  • Present an interface without UI design.
  • Website updates.

Week 6-7: 

  • Code continues, focusing on levels and checkpoints.

Week 8: 

  • 3D modeling for planets and UI design.

Week 9:  Final Presentation: 

  • Unity game demo with basic UI design. 
  • Website updates.

Spring Quarter:

Week 1: 

  • Research on VFX and sound design for games. 
  • Map a plan on visual effects of the game.

Week 2-4: 

  • Sound design,  compose a bgm and create sound effects.

Week 5:  Midterm Presentation.

  • Demo game with sound, already to play. 

Week 6-7: 

  • Build visual effects, and match with sound effects

Week 8: 

  • Refine UI with animation. 
  • Final debugging. 

Week 9: Final Presentation

  • Present final project and the website. 

Week 10: Exhibition. 

Current Status

A link to a short video of my playing the demo, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M17IFDi3yhnkCviPhOzmZaKJtmCsPipg/view?usp=sharing

Also my code


Before final,

  • Background Movement
  • Eclipse orbits
  • Modeling of the many obstacles
  • UI design

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